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subClinical Research Investigations Protocol sC-P ™

Prof. Josef Dumanov

After recent construction and expansion; wanting to make sure her home was "healthy safe", popular singer, song writer and actress Gloria Gaynor says "Thank you for helping keep me healthy" to Clinical Environmental Hygienist (CEH™) from NJIE



subClinical Investigation ® Protocol sC-P for Post a Remediation Validation

2 April 2010 Northern New Jersey, USA. It was not a matter of survival but being assured that a home was safe being free from chemically , toxin and biological exposure. "Thank you for helping keep me healthy". Artists and medical scientists share something in common: they are both scientific and creative in their innovation in delivering satisfaction, comfort and joy to their audiences and listeners The legendary music artist was joyfully pleased that when researcher Prof Joseph Dumanov fromsubClinical Investigations® was invited to review recent construction work performed in her New Jersey estate. After construction work was completed a request was made that the home be inspected for health and safety. After calling subClinical Investigations® and an initial consultation protocol sC-P ™ was prescribed.

After a complete investigation, data collection and lab sample studies, the finalized report found the home to one of the healthiest homes ever and reported the same. The professor admits to being a fan of Gloria says of her hit "I will survive" is one his of his favorite songs of all time. The professor went on to say we see many clients and patients that have suffered the effects and developed diseased and disorders from even low levels of chronic environmental exposures that have become seriously ill, often with one of the cancers, "Gloria's hit is a powerful and inspirational message of courage and strength in times of need and support to those that may encounter life challenges, and especially when it comes to their` health. Thank you Gloria!"

"It brings us joy to know that we were able to give this artist satisfaction for all the joy she has brought to billions that have heard her worldwide". After concluding on site study and preliminary review of findings, a period of reminiscing of the works of Marvin Gaye, Isley Brothers, Ritchie Havens and other music performers that professor has met ove the past 50 years hat brought us all joy and that have over the years lived and performed at times been in the greater New York and New Jersey area.

Thank You for Your 30th Anniversary Album Gloria! Prof.

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