Journal of subClinical Investigation

Pathogenic Aspergilli: Host Response Diagnosis Genetics and Environmnetal Exposure (Review in progress)

3-5 March 2016 Manchester, England   Assembled for Aspergillosis 7th the world’s leading clinicians and scientists presenting to advance the scientific and medical research agenda in Aspergillus and aspergillosis shared the latest studies, cases and thoughts on aspergillosis from speakers who are actively advancing the field with new discoveries with highlights attending antifugal resistance and pathogenesis of mycoses assoicated with the genus Aspergillus. Report from the subClinical Enviromnetal Reseach Group: Understanding the exposure risks.

European Comission on Medical Mycology Symposium: From the environment to the patient’s bed (Review in progress)

14-16 February 2016, Tel-Aviv, Israel ECMM Symposium on Ecology and Mycology: Studies, reports and cases relating to environmental changes have that have been recognized to exert significant effects on infections and specifically on those caused by exposure to mold in the home or workplace. Global studies including the implications of environmental changes that are expressed in different epidemiological patterns, in changes of pathogenic flora in various clinical entities, that in turn may lead to and require different therapeutic approaches.

Investigating Commonly Unidentified and Unrecognized Toxic Exposures in the Home and Workplace

20-23 March 2015 Sussex County, New Jersey, USA.  American and Eurotox scientists in a collaborative study with Pulmonary Medical Associates conduct health risk exposure   investigations in   Sussex County, New Jersey USA identifying toxic and particulate agents as being present in cases involving neurological, allergenic and respiratory disorders.

Sphenoid Aspergilloma: Diagnosed as a Malignancy: Clinical Case Report

11 February 2015, Benson, Arizona, USA. Otolaryngology. Gray, et al. 55 year old female employee was exposed to a waterdamaged office that had fungal and bacterial growth. In 2005 her workplace was noted to have water intrusion and was inspected and tested for the presence of fungi She developed a sphenoid mass that was first diagnosed as cancer. After surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and a second biopsy she discharged fungal hyphae from the opened sphenoid sinus. Biopsy specimens were reviewed by Prof J Dumanov( identifying the Aspergilli as invasive fungi.

Environmental Allergens Medical School at Bridisi Medical Center

5 July 2014, Bridisi, Italy. The Environmental Allergy School of the EAACI studies of exposure to allergens, toxins and pollutants. 70 medical doctors and scientists in attendance from the European Union and the Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) School of Environmental Allergy. Prof J Dumanov's studies and review patient exposure and current methods in exposure assessment and treatment. Including the role of climate change in the ever increasing rate of asthma and allergy in patients locally and globally.

Cryptic sibling species of Aspergillus Reporting from Aspergillosis 6th Madrid Spain

2 March 2014 Madrid Spain. With over 300 medical doctors, research scientists and clinical lab specialists in attendance for the 5 day conference included the latest studies associated with exposure and the effects of clinically important fungi. With over 200 presentations from clinic to lab to bedside. The emphasis for health risk investigators for the identification of and fungal resistance of these fungi.. A report on recent research findings.

A Multi Factorial Diagnosis in a Suspect Case of Parasitosis - Collembola and Morgellons

10 June 2013, Westchester County, New York Collembolans are often suspect in cases involving parasitosis. Patients are often diagnosed as suffering from parasitosis. A short subClinical Investigation® reported case by Certified Clincal Environmental Hygienists (CCEH) of the subCLinical Reseach Group in a New York case finds there was in fact external agents for the clint/patients dermatological condition. A short report.

ABC News on the Look-Out Reveals the Risks for Consumers and Home Health Risk Inspection-in progress

30 May, 2013 New York, USA The American Broadcast Company expose of of the so-called "mold inspections" reveals nearly half are either fraudulent, irrelevant or incompetent. A review of the show and its findings are considered by scientists. See the video here.

Case Review: 70 year old with Legionella pneumonia - Air conditioning reservoir for bacteria

5 September 2012, New Jersey When John was hospitalized with respiratory disease the hospital requested his apartment be cleared of any risk for re infection. The investigation disclosed a presence of Legionella in the drip pans of his air conditioning. A short report.

ISHAM US delegate presents  efficacy of subClinical Investigation methods for risk exposure assessment.

June 20. 2012 Berlin, Germany 1200 research scientists participated in the 18th congress  of International Society of Human and Animal Mycology (ISHAM). Delegate from the United States Professor J Dumanov (Mycological Institute EU US) reviews the efficacy of the sC protocols in for risk exposure assessment within human habitations.

Infant Neurotoxicity and Developmental Cognitive Disorders Associated with Toxic Mold Exposure

28 January 2012 Istanbul, Turkey. Aspergillosis 5th. sCEH News © News interviewed medical mycologist Prof J Dumanov (subCLinical Research Group US EU UK employing the diagnostic algorithm and protocol of sC-II© for testing for the presence of mold toxicity given recent and current findings relating to mold fungi and human health during a break on the last day of Advances in Aspergillosis 5th in Istanbul, Turkey a 4 day medical conference attend by over 500 clinicians and medical scientists.

Cancer risks increase identified with rise in the use of wood for home heating in Northeastern U.S.

November 14, 2011 New Jersey, USA. With the rise in price for home heating oil many home owners are turing to wood burring stoves and fireplaces. subClinical Investigations® identify and reveal when it comes to keeping warm this winter it is not just carbon monoxide that poses dangers but odorless olfactory adapted carcinogens.

Epidemiology: The Efficacy of the subClinical Investigation protocols as a complement to the Medical Diagnostic

August 31 2011 Paris, France Eurotox 2011 The 47th Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology was held at the Palais des Congrès , Porte Maillot, Paris, France. There were 1481 attendees from over 50 countries. Prof J Dumanov was invited by the Scientific Committee of Eurotox to speak on the subject of subClinical Investigation™ protocol sC-II: clinical toxicology material and methods - epidemiology of toxicosis.

Emerging Risks for Occupational Allergy – Old and New- EAACI 23 2011

25 January, 2011 London England, Prof Dumanov starts off with the Hindu saying “Cleaning something is dirtying something else” was the introductory phrase used in the Emerging Risks for Occupational Allergy Symposia at the 2010 EAACI Congress in London. The symposia explored and reviewed environmental agents of allergy and asthma, including the role of frequently found cleaning chemicals in the workplace and the home. EAACI News Issue 23 January 2011

Mystery Diagnosis Episode "Fight to the Last Breath" fungal pathogen identified by medical mycologist

19 January, 2011 Maryland, USA In the season premiere of Oprah Winfery Network's show Mystery Diagnosis: "Their every breath is a struggle. Can doctors find out what's really going on?" The case of Liana Jones is reviewed and a misdiagnosis (incomplete diagnosis) that almost cost her her life. How her husband,their pathologists and doctors saved the day. An interview with medical mycologist J Dumanov that redirected her initial diagnosis.

subClincal © protocols may complement the clinical diagnostic for allergy and asthma-recent findings

5-9th June , 2010. London, England. 8,000 clinicians, invited scientists and medical researchers attended the European Academy of Allergy Asthma and Clinical Immunology to attend classes, courses, seminars and presentations to learn the latest in research findings from world leaders in these fields. Scientists of the subClinical Research Group US UK EU RU presented by J Dumanov a new hypothesis within the sC-I© protocol supported by a recent unpublished study identifying hereto unreported environmental factors.

subClinical Investigation ® Protocol sC-P for Clinical Post Remeidation Validation Inspection for Residual Health Exposure

2 April 2010 Northern, New Jersey, USA. After having water intrusion and suspect presence of mold fungi, world famous popular singer, song writer and actress says "Thank you for helping keep me healthy". Results of findings.

A. terreus raises its' head at Advances in Aspergillosis 4th. Clinical case reports

4-6 February, 2010. AAA 4th, Rome , Italy. The biannual meeting of scientists, medical researchers, investigators and clinicians proved to be very interesting. Case report involving Aspergillus terreus by Americans Drs. Gray, Shoemaker, Hooper, et al and the treatment in a case of a misdiagnosed as a sphenoid sinus mycetoma when identified by pathologists using genomic and toxicological methods to be a mycosis highlighted the emergence of this fungi as an increasingly identified and recognized pathogen.

Clinically based indoor environmental studies relevant for allergy and immunology report from PAAM

11 November , 2009. PAAM, Venice, Italy. Clinicians at the annual meeting of Pediatric Allergy and Asthma Conference review studies of environmental factors that may be causative or contribute to allergies and asthma.

New York Highest Court Rules Mold illness evidence inadmissible

9 April, 2009. Manhattan, New York, USA. Prof. J Dumanov (Mycological Institute), medical mycologist, clinical research pathologist in diagnostic medical mycology, certified for clinical industrial hygiene practices and legal counselor to attorneys reviews and comments on recent case law relating to toxic mold injuries in re FRASER v 301-52 TOWNHOUSE CORP. "In my opinion even if the evidence was allowed at trial I do not see the plaintiff having prevailed due to many other problems with the 'scientific and medical reports' proffered. It is almost impossible for an attorney to build a mold health injury case without consulting a research medical mycologist especially one that is also a legal counsellor for such related matters. Attorneys should understand the science and obtain the evidentiary proofs that are available to prevail.

Carbon Monoxide Kills 16 Year Old Girl

19 January , 2009. Indoor environmental scientist comments on the recent CO, carbon-monoxide poisoning. " This is very tragic and need not to have happened with proper education and awareness. We often see people that are exposed to CO and even more so to lead especially children living on pre-1978 painted homes and others affected and infected by indoor environmental health risk factors. The Discovery Channel show "Is Your House Out to Get You" detailed these dangers. This important show educates everyone of such dangers: "There are just too many odorless and toxic dangers in the home and carbon-monoxide is certainly one of the most important ones we commonly we see."

Health Investigation Protocols Under Development by Medical Mycologists

8 January  , 2009. Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Indoor environmental investigators and hygienists performing epidemiological studies when such investigations are called for have little direction and perform such investigation on an ad hoc basis often dictated the experience and limited education in highly select areas as in medical mycology when it comes to investigation the health affects to the exposure of fungi. medical mycologist have over the last 10 years tested and have under development a protocol that has proven to be of benefit to physician and clinicians.

American Mycologists Kurtzman and Simmons Receive Prestigious International Awards

7 January  , 2009. The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences in a symposium Fungi and Health on the 1314 November 2008  in Amsterdam recognized two American mycologist for their work. Dr. Kurtzman the Josef Adolf von Arx Award  for his   contribution to taxonomic research of fungal biodiversity, marking a distinguished career in mycology and Dr. Simmons received the Johanna Westerdijk Award  for his service in mycology including appointments  as head of the U.S. Army Quartermaster Culture Collection of Fungi, his major contributions to the CBS culture collection and many other associations over a lifetime.

New Jersey Scientist in a Case Report: Collembola Present and Patient NOT Suffering a Delusory Parasitosis

12 July , 2008. New Jersey scientist J Dumanov says: "Thousands of patients are misdiagnosed with delusionary parasitosis annually (80% female) when in fact the cause may be an arthropod of a little known member of a group of hexapods called Collembola. Collembola springtails are often found in homes with a presence of fungal mold. Springtails associated with the mold were identified in their homes and on their skin. It is a diagnosis that is easy to miss and too often treated as a delusory parasitosis" A case report employing the subClinical® Investigation sC-1 © protocol..

Judge Rules in Favor of ACGIH in TLV Lawsuit

15 June , 2008. Its hard to believe but there was an organized effort to prevent the release of toxicological information important for human heath not being made public. In a final court ruling the federal court have ruled that such important information can not be blocked from reaching the public in the interest of heath and safety.

News from Aspergillosis 3rd - Diagnosis of Fungal Allergens and Asthma

5 March, 2008. Miami, Florida, USA. Medical mycologists from the world over attend the 3rd Aspergillosis conference host by American and European research scientists. Medical mycologist MJ Dumanov (Mycological Institute) and *fellow research associates M. Rudenko, I. Markin, A. Shemshura presented a case of a fungal asthmatic where an indoor environmental study proved to be of benefit in the diagnosis.

News from Aspergillosis 3rd - Human and Animal  Respiratory Aspergillosis

7 March , 2008 Miami, Florida. A conference of medical mycologists and specialists in the most clinically relevant fungi as a mold affecting human and animal health, the Aspergilli, was attended by researchers, investigators from medicine and academic research. Of  considerable interest was the presentation of the parallels of human and animal disease involving the fungal mold of the genera aspergilli by Dr. Michael Day from the Bristol University, Langford, United Kingdom.

New Jersey Dept of Community Affairs release new "Truth in Renting" Guide

17 January , 2008 Landlords and tenants all benefit from the newly released guide for rental property. Detailing the obligations and rights of both the tenant and landlord this guide clarifies the law when it comes to the habitability of rental property.

Researchers Demonstrate That Toenail Fungus and Athlete's Foot Spread

16 June , 2007 Research scientists have confirmed what medical mycologists have suspected and that Trichophyton rubrum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, and Epidermophyton floccosum (E. floccosum). common fungi that cause Athlete's Foot is spread between family members and now raises the question could it be between people working out together in gyms? Mahmoud Ghannoum, Ph.D., researchers at the Center for Medical Mycology at University Hospitals Case Medical Center have shown that toenail fungus and athlete's foot can spread from person to person living in the same household. Conducted at five research centers, the study brought together experts in dermatology, epistemology and mycology.

Toxic Mold Terrorism - What's' Real, What is the Hype and What is the Scientific Truth?

3 April , 2007 Fear, ignorance and lack of education has been driving the "gold in mold" frenzy rushing everyone and anyone into mold remediation, sales of products and services in what is turning out to a multi billion dollar industry. This new industry has a mix of products and services that include pure scams to the most effective technologies in remedies for mold being present that must be carefully examined and understood before paying for such products and services. What are the scientists saying?

NJ Medical Mycologist Appears on Discovery Health Channel
source: Discovery Health Channel, November 4, 2005
Professor M.J. Dumanov of the Mycological Institute for the Study of Fungal Mold in Human Habitations appearing in the Discovery Health Channel production of "Is Your House Out to Get you?" is being aired on December 15, 2005 on national cable networks. See the show and see what he has to say about the risks of mold in the home.