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hamid badali   joseph  dumanov at CBS Amsterdam

*Hamid Badali                                                       MJ Dumanov

Tirppenhuis,the Royal Academy Amsterdam, the Netherlands, November 14-15, 2008. Presenting at the symposium “Fungi and Health” indoor environmental scientists investigating for allergenic, toxic and pathogenic fungi and moulds presented a protocol for clinical environmental investigations involving fungi.

Researchers have long been in disagreement how best to assess the health risk mold fungi pose to humans within their habitations, and have been long wanting a systematic approach for this type of investigation and ideally a protocol that provides a means to that end especially of value to medical doctors and clinicians.

Such a protocol (sC-3™) has been developed by medical mycologist and researcher Prof Josef Dumanov (US delegate) as a result of hundreds of medical research case studies over a 10 year period and was introduced in 2008 at Aspergillosis 3rd in Miami, Florida USA, (Jan.), European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (SERIN) in Dubrovnik, Croatia, (Nov) and Amsterdam, at the Royal Academy Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Nov) to the medical community by medical researchers including medical mycologists, pathologists and allergologists J Dumanov (Mycological Institute) and fellow Academy research associates M. Rudenko, I. Markin, A. Shemshur, D Hooper, et al.

Dumanov said "We had the pleasure of meeting with Hamid Badali, an alumni working in molecular mycology in genomics (CBS, Utrecht) known for his research work with dimorphic black yeasts and fungi of clinical relevancy of this class of fungi and increasing importance. This research is of increasing importance in the understanding of this fungi and related host factors where the etiology is currently unknown or where the pathogens are not fully recognized."

Medical mycologists have increased the reporting of these black yeasts and fungi and were recently seen and reported in a case in the US by medical mycologists and pathologists Dumanov and Rudenko reporting the genus Cladophiaphora (bantiana) in a case involving a 65 y.o. male in Little Silver, New Jersey in 2005  with a three time reoccurring infection of the brain by this fungi. Since 2005 numerous reports worldwide  have identified this black fungi as causative agent in many different cases of infection where the agent were previously unknown.

Prof. Dumanov in presenting the sC-3™ protocol at this symposium stated "This meeting was truly a interesting event for epidimiologists, and in general, for those dedicated to work in agriculture, food processing, biosecurity sectors and especially for clinicians. We are all very pleased to have accepted the invitation to present and introduce our protocol that is proving to be of increasingly of value to the medical community  that has been under development for many years with our research associates. The program presented some of the most advanced research, especially, in the area of human health relating to fungal exposure. A fine tribute to the Royal Academy and it's founders. We all walked away from this symposium learning something importantly new and clearly this symposium stood out  at the top for this medical mycologist and many other medical researchers that were attended in the past year."

The Fungal Biodiversity Centre organized the symposium “Fungi and Health” on the 13–14 November 2008 at the Trippenhuis in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The aim of this symposium was to highlight the important role that microbes play in the environment, touching many aspects of our lives, from industry, to health and agriculture. The symposium consisted of six sessions covering Fungi and Human Health, Food Safety, Living in Healthy Environments, Culture Collections, DNA Barcoding and Biosecurity, Yeasts and Health, and Fungi and Healthy Plants. A total of 150 delegates and participants from 18 different countries attended the symposium.

Program and abstracts from "Fungi and Health"

Photos from the symposium “Fungi and Health” hosted at the Royal Dutch Academy for Arts and Sciences (13-14 Nov. 2008).

For medical doctors and  health investigators wishing  details of the sC-3 protocol contact the institute at:

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